The Café Kern – Dolce Vita – A great Café to explore the Austrian Pastry World

The Kern – Dolce Vita in the CITYPARK Shopping Center, Graz’ main shopping center in the inner districts, is a great traditional bakery and café to spend some time while enjoying the delights of the Austrian Pastry World.

The Kern family is one of the traditional bakery families of Graz and runs many shop all across Graz since 1953 and this shop here is cosy and full of tradition as well. The waiters are nice and serve you well. The Kern – Dolce Vita has many special deals and combos at reasonable prices, mainly a variety of coffees combined with certain pastries, but also sandwiches combined with coffee. You will see them advertised in an instant when you arrive here at the Kern – Dolce Vita.

One time I took an apple juice with a “Kernspitz”, a pun as you get a long brown roll usually called “Kornspitz” with sesame on top of it and filled with cheese and ham, salad as well as sweet pepper and slices of a hard-boiled egg. A yummy combination from the menu.

Another time I took an advertised combo: A coffee of your choice (for me it was a Café Verlängerter) with a Krapfen, this nice and fluffy Austrian beignet, cruller, Berliner, or doughnut if you will, but it’s noteworthy, that an Austrian Krapfen has not much to do with a doughnut, as the Krapfen comes without a whole inside but with powered sugar on its top and being filled with apricot marmalade instead. Together with the coffee a lovely combination.

The Krapfen is popular all over Austria and especially during the carnival season. Once the Krapfen season was the carnival season, but then it was increasingly extended to get these lovely Krapfen throughout the year. It is advisable to bite into the Krapfen right at the injection point of the apricot marmalade in effort not to push the marmalade through the exit while “approaching” the Krapfen from the wrong side. That much said about the technicalities of enjoying the Austrian Krapfen the most.

But see it for yourself:

And here you have the famous slide show:

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The Bottom Line: The Café Bäckerei Kern – Dolce Vita, located in the CITYPARK Shopping Center in Lazarettgürtel 55, 8020 Graz, Styria, Austria, is a great traditional café to enjoy the Austrian coffee and pastry world as well as the sandwiches and snacks.

From Graz with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanul Fruhmann

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