The Opern Café – A Grand Café Next to the Opera House

The Opern Café is a true jewel in Graz, right next to Next Liberty venue and the Light Sword (Lichtschwert) and of course only some meters away from the famous Grazer Opera House, which the Opern Café has its name from. This Café is a Grand Café, meaning elegant, stylish, and comfortable, a combination which is hard to find. The staff is friendly and represents the spirit of a Grand Café and so does the interior, which is light and colorful in an elegant way. The high ceiling contributes to the atmosphere of grandeur, since this Café is built into one of the well-restored old buildings in old town Graz.

This leads to the next point. The location of the Opern Café is great, since its central location next to the main street promenade of Graz, the Grazer Herrengasse, makes this place a perfect spot to explore the city’s secrets.

The food is great here at the Opern Café ranging from breakfast over snacks and meals to desserts. I had a Verlängerter Café with an Opern Toast, a warm brown bread toast with ham, bacon, melted cheese, onions and sweet pepper. And the other time I had a Café Melange and a Punschkrampfen, this very Austrian sugar-coated (pink) dessert with rum filling. Yummy.

But see for yourself:


And here you have the famous slide show:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The Opern Café, in the Opernring 22, in 8010 Graz, is a Grand Café in the center of old town Graz with great food and elegant atmosphere.

From Graz with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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