The Eckhaus – The Great Student’s Pub @ the famous Technical University of Graz

The Eckhaus is one of the many student pubs in Graz and right on the opposite of the famous Graz University of Technology / Technical University of Graz. From the patio of the Eckhaus you are only some meters away of the prestigious building built more than 100 years ago. The whole area is full of nice buildings and the Eckhaus is right in the middle of it. From here you are in some minutes by foot in the UNESCO-listed old town, the city center of Graz.

The staff is very friendly here at the Eckhaus, the opening hours are excellent (open every day until 2 am), and the food is very delicious. The pizza I ordered you can assemble yourself, meaning you check the boxes of your toppings like in the Bausatzsystem many pubs in Graz are famous for. So you build your pizza via a list of toppings. For my standard sized pizza, I chose salami, feta, onions, and jalapeños. Another I had the Souvlaki, which is very delicious as well. The meal comes with zaziki, pita bread, lemon, tomato and cucumber. There three sizes, small (3 sticks), medium (5 sticks), and the large one with 8 sticks of pork.
For the drinks we a yummy elderberry juice and a Puntigamer Radler, a traditional beer from Graz mixed with lemonade.

But see it for yourself:

And here is the famous slide show for those of you who prefer to see it in this style:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The Eckhaus, located in the Rechbauerstrasse 15, in 8010 Graz, is a great student pub, with yummy food, nice staff, and a great view onto the Graz University of Technology. From here you are only a few minutes walk away from the old town.

From Graz with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann



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