Culture Exchange – A Really Nice Cyclists Café!

Here at the Culture Exchange it has a really nice laid-back atmosphere, an atmosphere of openness, as I want to emphasize. And this place features some comfy chairs, high ceiling and light and bright interior. There are many bikes and all kind of bike utilities hanging on the walls and the staff is very friendly and willing to help. I easily got into a nice little talk with the waiters and there is even a nice patio in the Grazbachgasse with lots of sun during the day, due to the special angle and the long-stretched crossing, where the Culture Exchange is located at.

There are some plugs here for your devices as well as a WiFi and the opening hours of the Culture Exchange are great, since this place closes not before 22:00 (10 pm) every day except Sundays, on which it is closed.

As for the food, there is a fresh menu varying every day as well as breakfast to enjoy during the whole day and a breakfast burrito and a wrap, which I chose for this time. The Wrap you can either have with meat or without. My meat wrap came with sausage cut into small pieces, as well as small cut cucumber and mushrooms and melted cheese. The tasteful chill out music in the background is not too loud and not too quiet, but just right.

Another day I was here it was very nice again and I had a yummy cheese toast with ketchup, which is a big portion for a very good price (3,5 €). And I could make some pictures of the nice sunny patio, which is as mentioned right next to the street and therefore for the brave cyclists. And inside there was again very good music from the playlist, even with a video projector showing something once in a while.

But see it for yourself:

And here is the famous slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The Culture Exchange in the Grazbachgasse 47, 8010 Graz, is a great, comfy and relaxed place, where it is easy to stay for a while and chill out, as the locals are nice and the atmosphere is great.

From Graz with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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