The Parks Art @ The Friendly Alien

The Parks Art is a great spot for the vegan and veggie scene of Graz. Its center location next to Kunsthaus Graz, the so-called friendly alien, and the Old Town of Graz makes it an ideal spot to chill out,  since it is easy to reach. The interior of the Parks Art is artsy and the seating is comfortable. It also features an old lecturing desk in one if its niches. The Parks Art with its many rooms is quite big in comparison to its sister,  the Parks in the Zinzendorfgasse, Graz’ bustling student’s life promenade close to the campus of the main university,  the Karl-Franzens-University.

The Parks Art even features a nice and artsy inner court patio with some tables, where you can spend the summer days.

The staff is friendly and willing to help and the Wi-Fi is free and I even have spotted some plugs for charging your devices. The sun is shining in the Parks Art and there is even a very nice and sunny patio in the pedestrian street for soaking up the sun.

As for the desserts and coffee, both are delicious here at the Parks Art and they furthermore offer veggie and vegan dishes on their menu. My Apple Walnut Tart with its nice sweetness is definitely a dessert to recommend as well as my Cappuccino, which is labeled Fair Trade.

But see it for yourself:


The famous slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The Parks Art, in Griesgasse 7, in 8020 Graz, right next to Graz famous Kunsthaus, the friendly alien as it is also called, is a great veggie-vegan-place with lots of arts on the wall, delicious food, and a comfy atmosphere with two nice patios.

From Graz with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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