Café Weitzer – Grand Café Splendor at the River Mur

The Kaffee Weitzer is one of the few remaining Grand Cafés in Graz, which resisted to go with the Zeitgeist to demolish all the remnants of the old days of the Habsburg Monarchy, in other words of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. So here you can really have a relaxing time to contemplate and muse doing your thing, meeting friends or business partners, along with comfy seating and international newspapers as well as delicious coffee, cakes, and tarts.

The special atmosphere is not spoiled by music, since here at the Kaffee Weitzer there is no music playing at all. This instance gives this café a special flair of posh purity and a certain serenity. So you really can be totally devoted to whatever you are here for, without being distracted by background music you either like or dislike. Especially in times like these, which focus on luring you into all kinds of distraction, leaving you in a state of constant distraction, this Grand Café can truly be your oasis of silence and relaxation and being truly productive and effective in your meetings. So this is definitely an asset of the Kaffee Weitzer. But regardless of why you are here in this Grand Café, the background silence is not interfering.

This Café with its high ceiling is bright and splendid and located right at the river Mur, which flows through the City of Graz. The Kaffee Weitzer is part of the Hotel Weitzer one of the most elegant hotels in Graz. And it’s central location makes it very nice to explore the city center of Graz and it’s nice little pockets in one of the most well-preserved old towns of Europe. You just need to cross the bridge for this endeavor. The staff is friendly and polite and willing to help and my cappuccino is delicious and creamy and the cake I had, a Linzer Schnitte, this famous Austrian cake named after Linz, the 3rd largest city of Austria, is a fluffy cake with dark marmalade inside. There is even free wi-fi here at the Kaffee Weitzer, and many plugs for your devices. But this café is closing early (at 19:00 / 7 pm), so hurry up to be there in time.

Caution: The only downside of this Grand Café is, that it is still allowed to smoke inside the Kaffee Weitzer which might be due to its devotion to the Austrian Kaffeehauskultur tradition, where smoking is an essential part of it ever since. But this might only be relevant, if you are a purist, since when I was for several hours here at the Kaffee Weitzer only one of many guests was smoking a cigar and all the other guests were non-smokers. But another day, it was on Saturday afternoon, there were many smokers around as guests. So it depends on the day and the time, when you are there, if you spot smokers inside the Kaffee Weitzer. Take this into account with respect to kids or people, who are sensitive to smoke. I just wanted to mention this, although this issue will fade, when a strict non-smoking law will take effect in May 2018 even in Austria, as one of the last countries in the so-called developed world, affecting all gastronomies.

Anyway here are the pictures of the Kaffee Weitzer to give you an impression of this posh Grand Café at the river Mur:

Here is the slide show for you if this is more your style:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The Kaffee Weitzer is a refuge for all those fellows, who fancy elegance and silence in an atmosphere of the old days of the Habsburg Austrian-Hungarian Empire. The coffee and cakes are also something to consider here at the Kaffee Weitzer at Belgiergasse 1, 8020 Graz right at the river Mur.

From Graz with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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