The Beanery – The Center of Graz Student’s Life

The Beanery is located in the heart of Graz’ student’s life, in the Zinzendorfgasse next to the University of Graz. It’s location makes it the ideal meeting point for all occasions. But it is quite hard to grab a seat here, at least every time when I am at the Beanery, so keep this in mind when being here at student’s rush hours. So if you are lucky you grab a seat in this cute little coffee shop. But the Beanery’s nice atmosphere and the delicious coffee you get here with a croissant or muffin or the like will do the compensation for the small space. So this coffee shop is a great stopover on your exploration of Graz or the things you have to do here in the City of Design. And if it’s really too busy here like around midday you always can have a coffee to go.

But see it for yourself!

And here is the famous slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The Beanery is great small coffee shop right in the center of Graz university quarter. So located in the Zinzendorfgasse 20, 8010 Graz, the Beanery is the ideal spot to experience the bustling student’s life of Graz.

From Graz with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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