Tribeka Technika, Technically on Campus of the Technical University

This Tribeka coffee shop is another good example of the marriage of good music, trendy technician-style interior, delicious coffee, and a good atmosphere, since it is big enough not to get claustrophobia, for those who are prone to that sickness or actually suffer from it. So this place is large enough to spend an hour or more and enjoy yourself.

It’s located right next to the Technical University Graz, the famous TU Graz, where also Nikola Tesla spent a while studying among other geniuses who we easily feel to adore for their esprit.
By the way both the Croatians and the Serbs claim Nikola Tesla to be one of them, as according to the record Tesla was a Serb by ethnicity but born in Croatia, who gained a foothold in Graz but not for too long and ended up it NYC.
So many students especially from the Technical University are stopping by here at the Tribeka, sitting in the sunny patio, or enjoy themselves inside, at times also one another.

As I already wrote in other articles of mine, the Tribeka chain is the Starbucks of Graz, since Graz is known for having no Starbucks at all, staying defiant so to speak, although some, some say many, are longing for a Starbucks here in Graz. But enough said about Starbucks. Here at the Tribeka the seating is not as comfy as in Starbucks (oops I said it again), but who cares about comfy chairs, if you got Tribeka. Just kidding. The Tribeka is a great place, where everything works, the free wifi, the galore of plugs, the coffee, the staff – just kidding again – it has it all, everything the heart desires.

Oh by the way, don’t forget to reactivate the wifi every 30 minutes, otherwise the internet stays dark (offline), not to be confused with the infamous dark web. Anyway, that’s not our business nor Tribeka’s, where they also have yummy cheesecakes, muffins, all sorts of ciabattas and bagels with various fillings and toppings and the like, here at this well-frequented Tribeka next to the TU Graz, which reminds of the famous district of Manhattan Tribeca, but Tribeka of course is short for ‘Trink Besseren Kaffee’ TriBeKa, so ‘Drink Better Coffee’. Oh and check out the yummy Bärenmilch or the Affenmilch, fruit shakes with added chocolate together with a yummy pastry.

But taste and watch it for yourself:

And here is the famous slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: This Tribeka is a great place to hang out and relax either in the trendy inside, or the sunny patio, together with friends or solo with a coffee. Tribeka’s really nice staff is definitely a plus. Check out this well-frequented Tribeka located in the Technikerstraße 13, in 8010 Graz, right next to the Technical University Graz (the famous TU Graz) with lots of students stopping by.

From the TU Graz with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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