The Tribeka at the KunstUniGraz – Where Art Is In the Air

The Tribeka is part of the local Tribeka chain with many coffee shops all across Graz. Tribeka is the Starbucks of Graz by the way and very popular. Here right next to the KunstUniGraz (Reiterkaserne) it is my favorite Tribeka coffee shop, since located in the surroundings of the LKH (The General Hospital of the State of Styria) it is not as crowded as in the city center Tribeka coffee shops. And as this place is adjunct to the University of the Arts Graz it participates in this special artsy flair, if you know what I mean. The many art students who just stop by for a coffee or for a chat or to have long discussion about music and arts in general contribute to this feel.

When I stop by here, I take a Lungo, with hot warm milk read various newspapers and work with the laptop as the wifi also works very well here at the Tribeka KunstUniGraz at the former Reiterkaserne, for the Grazer or the folks who know Graz well from the old days. Today I had a Calimero, this very nice bagel (you also can have it as ciabatta) with cream cheese, egg and cucumber. Very delicious! And you also can choose your bagel from various sorts, I took the poppy-seed variant. But there is also sesame for instance and other more exotic variants.

You also can have your coffee and snack in the patio. But there is even no need to sit in the outside as the sun is shining in through the windows into one of the rooms so one can enjoy the evening sun at many tables even during the colder months. I was there right in the phase of the famous Steirischer Herbst, this famous Styrian Art Festival.

But watch it for yourself:

And here is the slide show, for those of you who prefer to let it flow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The Tribeka at KunstUniGraz (Reiterkaserne), located in the Leonhardstraße 82, in 8010 Graz, is a great coffee shop, participating in the atmosphere of the University of the Arts Graz and providing much evening sun even in the cold season.

From Graz with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immaunel Fruhmann


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