The Kaffeebar das Müller – A Great Place to Relax

This place combines many benefits. Since the ‘Kaffeebar das Müller’, is located close to the center of Graz, you can still easily reach this café by foot. It provides good music, comfy sofa chairs and niches, in a great atmosphere with a very friendly staff. Here you can eat your way through, since besides all kinds of typical Austrian dishes the Kaffeebar also features daily menus such as Schnitzel and the like.

The interior is nicely decorated and the view through the windows onto the flashy red building of the Austrian Kronen Zeitung newspaper just across the street is a true eyecatcher and brings some color into probable grey autumn skies. But no worries, here at the Kaffeebar there are all kinds of newspapers.

And by the way my coffee, a Verlängerter, this typical Austrian coffee, was delicious and the cakes looked yummy as well, though I didn’t have enough time to get some. But given the short time I had (less than 30 minutes) I really had a great time here at the Kaffeebar.

But watch it for yourself to know what I mean:

The Bottom Line: The Kaffeebar das Müller is a great place with very friendly staff, located next to the city center of Graz and the Kronen Center newspaper HQ for Graz, providing typical Austrian food via daily menus as well as a delicious coffee in great atmosphere you even can enjoy in the patio. It is a relaxing café in the surrounding busy city life.

From Graz with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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