L’Osteria – The Fancy Italian in the Heart of Graz

The L’Osteria is a great Italian restaurant located in the heart of Graz, in the center of the Old Town of the City of Graz, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The staff has this typical and charming Italian accent, since the waiters are from Italy.

The food is simply gorgeous, the pizzas are huge – I mean really huge – and the pasta tastes great as well and by the way so tastes the risotto and the insalata mista, the mixed salad. All is very nicely decorated dishes are fancy to look at as well as delicious in taste. Just to mention it again the pizza is not just great but huge and you easily need to put something into the doggy bag for taking home with you.

I had a delicious Salami Pizza and my company had a Pizza Hawaii, as well as a hot-salami pizza called Salsiccia Piccante, and a Rucola Pizza which all came in huge sizes and nicely arranged. Oh, and just to mention it, the pizzas are super-thin and the exact opposite of a Chicago-style pizza, if you are searching for that kind of food. Here at L’Osteria the pizzas are the Napoli-style, the southern Italian pizza, which are super-thin.

The interior of the restaurant comes with all sorts of arts and decoration on the wall, in this typical fancy Italian style, as Italians seem to be natural-born taste experts. Here at L’Osteria they even have an Italian-German course, which activates automatically as soon as somebody enters the restrooms. I only can say something about the language course on the men’s room, what happens on the ladies’ room I don’t know. But I guess, the language course lessons are similar, but with exchanged roles and storylines.

But have a look for yourself, as I already have gone too much into the details:

And here is the slide show for your convenience:

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The Bottom Line: L’Osteria, located at the Mehlplatz 1, in 8010 Graz, is a great Italian restaurant with a fancy and authentic Italian atmosphere in the heart of the UNESCO Old Town of Graz, surrounded by picturesque facades in this southern flair.

From Graz with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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