The Martin Auer – The Fancy Coffeeshop at the Foothill of the Rosenhain

The Martin Auer located at the foothill of the Rosenhain at the end of the Panoramagasse/Heinrichstrasse is a fancy coffeeshop with a nice and elegant atmosphere. Here you can enjoy the full variety of the Austrian pastry world, since this place is a coffeshop, bakery and pastry shop at the same time. The staff is friendly and swift. The opening hours are mediocre, but in line with all the other pastry shops, meaning closing early at 19:00 (7 pm) from Monday to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday even closing already at 18:00 (6 pm). This coffeeshop is a great place to have a late breakfast on weekend for instance, since this place opens already at 7:00 and at 06:30 throughout the week.

We usually have the Bäckerfrühstück (Baker’s Breakfast), which regularly consists of a Kaisersemmel (Emperor roll), a croissant, two marmalades and a portion of butter. You also can have honey. If you are more of the Austrian type you easily can exchange the croissant for two Kaisersemmel (so altogether 3 rolls) and the marmalade/honey is to choose from strawberry, apricot, raspberry or honey (pick two out of these four). There are many other different kids of breakfast offered here. As snacks this place offers many sandwiches and you even can have different sorts of hummus or ham&eggs and other delicious things to eat from the showcase.

The interior is very artsy and stylish and makes this place comfortable to stay in for a while and to read the newspapers. If you are with little children, there is also a small corner with some toys for some kids. But have a look for yourself:

This is the slide show for yor convenience:

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The Bottom Line: The Martin Auer, at the Heinrichstraße 118, in 8010 Graz, at the foothill of the Rosenhain is a great place to read the newspaper and have a cup of coffee together with one of the delicacies of the Austrian pastries sphere in an artsy sunny environment.

From Graz with love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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