The Heuriger Landhaus Ruckerlberg – A Fine Wine Tavern with a Marvelous View

The newly opened Landhaus Ruckerlberg is a great place to enjoy the beautiful panorama view over the Eastside of Graz. The former owners, who ran the Jöbstl for many years, decided to opt out and leave it to others to run this Grazer institution. The result is a Heuriger, this Austrian Inn and a wine tavern, where you can sit outside in the patio under the trees, or in the roofed patio when the weather is more challenging and enjoy this marvelous view over rolling hills. Even when sitting inside the Landhaus Ruckerlberg there are big glass walls to sit at and watch onto the scenery.

The food we had is delicious and typical Austrian. In particular, we had an Austrian Goulash with bread dumpling, and lots of sauce.

We enjoyed our meals in the patio since the weather was pleasant. But also inside the Landhaus Ruckerlberg is very nice to have a seat. Have a look:

And here is the slide show for you:

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The Bottom Line: The newly opened Landhaus Ruckerlberg, located in the Rudolfstraße 59, in 8010 Graz, is great for having a good time on the hilltop of the posh neighborhood of the Grazer Ruckerlberg featuring a fine view over the city of Graz.

From Graz with love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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