The Frankowitsch – Simply Divine Sandwishes

This delicatessen is a real jewel of Graz. Established in 1932 this deli is not only one of the main meeting point of the locals but it is an institution. Here at The Frankowitsch, located right in the UNESCO World Heritage Old Town city center of Graz, the Grazer meet up for seeing friends, reading the papers, having an extended chat, along with super delicious sandwiches, the so called Frankowitsch Brötchen.

There is a large variety of this little pieces of divine tasting Brötchen to choose from in the show case. As soon as you made your decision at the corner you can either have a seat inside with its Italian trattoria interior and its many liquors and wine bottles in the vitrines, or you choose to sit outside in the patio located in this little old town street where you can watch the people passing by in this city of Graz with its special Italian-Adriatic atmosphere, though it is still Austria.

Since it’s a delicatessen the Frankowitsch closes early. So make sure to be there way before 18:00 (06:00) to claim some sandwiches and to be able to choose from. The staff is friendly and swift and willing to help to explain to you what’s behind the different sandwish toppings. In Vienna for instance there is the famous Trzesniewski Delicatessen (known for the best sandwiches in town), which – as I experienced – have nice sandwiches for Viennese standards , but they don’t come close to this special creamy taste of the Frankowitsch Sandwiches (Brötchen). If you don’t know the Frankowitsch Brötchen you might go just fine with the Trzesniewski Brötchen, but as soon as you know both, you probably know what I mean. The difference in taste might come from a secret recipe of the Frankowitsch or simply from more mayonnaise, which derrives from Mallorca by the way. But as always you have to judge for yourself and compare the two with one another.

As a Grazer I can tell you there is nothing more local and fancy to experience in town than the Frankowitsch. That you know what I am talking about…have a look:

And here you can watch the pictures in the slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: Here at the Delicatessen Frankowitsch, located in Stempfergasse 2, in 8010 Graz, you can experience the true local feel of the Grazer old town life. If you visit Graz and leave out this very special spot – the Frankowitsch – you missed the whole point.

From Graz with love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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