The Rox Musicbar – Great for Karaoke

Here at Rox Bar you can enjoy Spare Ribs and sing Karaoke afterwards as we did, but you also can sing your heart out before the meal. It’s up to you.

This place is located right in the center of the city of Graz and its offers are all about BBQ/Grill. The Spare Ribs we had were very tasty and saucy, which even got better with the yummy sauces they serve along with the ribs. The staff is friendly and the interior of the Rox Bar has this stable’s atmosphere letting you feel of being in a barn or something like that.

This place is very popular, as many Grazer, the people of Graz, love to go to the Rox Bar for the happy hour or some after work chillout. But take a look for yourself:

For those of you who are into slideshows:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The Rox Musicbar, located at the Joanneum Ring 5 in 8010 Graz, is a great place to meet your friends and have a fun night out with BBQ and music, in our case Spare Ribs and Karaoke.

From Graz with love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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