The Mangolds vis-a-vis – An Oasis of Comfort

The Mangolds vis-a-vis is the place to be if you want to chill and relax in Graz since although located in the heart of Graz’ student’s life and in the heavily frequented Zinzendorfgasse, the hub of all pubs, it represents an oasis for flow-seekers like me. Here in this vegetarian restaurant you can easily get into the flow as this place provides comfy couch-chairs as well as even a sofa at the rear end of the front room. The back room is full of tables and chairs to dine in or to have your lunch. As the middle part at the corner is characterized through a big wooden table with stools around it.

This leads me to my next point I want to mention: The whole interior is very stylish and artsy as well as featuring much real wood when it comes to the tables, art objects, and the ceiling which is completely out of wood. This gives a special artsy and outdoorsy atmo what plays into the relaxing flair of the Mangolds vis-a-vis.

This place is the dependence (store) of the main Mangolds restaurant in the center which exists for many decades now as the institution for vegetarian food in Graz.

I personally give preference to the front room facing the street with the comfy couch-chairs as it is also more light. But there is also a nice patio outside for experiencing the vibrant Grazer student’s life the most.

The staff is very friendly and willing to help. The folks who work here are as relaxed as the whole establishment is.

I had a delicious spelt raspberry cake, as well as another time a chocolate tart, and a cheese cake a. For the main dishes I had as a snack one time a ciabatta with smoked tofu and another time a Thai burger with tofu inside.

But see it for yourself, then you probably know what I mean:

And I want to point out one more great thing about the Mangolds vis-a-vis: The opening hours are great since this place is open every day until midnight.

And here you have the photos in the slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The Mangolds vis-a-vis, located in the Zinzendorfgasse 30, 8010 Graz is the place to be if you want to experience the Grazer student’s life in the heart of the Uni district. It is nice and comfortable and with this artsy flair due to the many art objects also hanging from the ceiling.

With Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann



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