The Elegant Lindenwirt

The Lindenwirt is one of the elegant restaurants located in the Graz’ Westside. Here the dishes are delicious and you really enjoy them in this stylish and elegant interior and ambience. The staff is friendly and willing to help.

I chose the Pariser Schnitzel (Parisian) with Salad which is a light chicken filet in an egg-mantle. It is not as heavy as the popular but breaded Wiener Schnitzel and so the Pariser Schnitzel represents a good light alternative.

As for the soup I took a Leberknödelsuppe, which is a liver dumpling soup. One of the most popular and traditional Austrian soups.

My company took the Vegetable Curry, which also  was very delicious.

For the desserts I took the Joghurtcreme-Torte (Yogurt Cream Tart), with lots of additional whipped cream and my company chose the Marillenpalatschinken (Austrian pancake filled with apricot marmalade). Actually it was a mixture: One pancake with strawberry marmalade, the other with apricot marmalade. Usually it is an either or, but here at the Lindenwirt they are more flexible. All the desserts were super-delicious and very fluffy. We had it together with Cappuccino and Verlängerter Coffee.

Have a look:

Since the Lindenwirt is quite popular, I would recommend to better reserve a table in advance.

And here is the slide show:

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The Bottom Line:  The Lindenwirt is a great restaurant with elegant flair, located in the Westside of Graz (in the Peter-Rosegger-Strasse 125, in 8052 Graz). Here you have Austrian fine-dining therefore the prices are accordingly. But for your money you get delicious food of good quality in a stylish ambience.

With Love!

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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