La Corte – The True Italian near Graz

The La Corte is a stylish and awarded Italian restaurant in a southern suburb of Graz. Best it might be to get here by car, but there might be other possibilities to get to this Ristorante Tradizione Italiana, i.e. by bus. At La Corte you can expect to get real traditional Italian dishes with Italian products. Once a week the owner is traveling to his home country Italy to buy fresh specialities from Italy.

The staff is very friendly, willing to help, and surprise surprise…they are fluent in Italian. As for the food, it’s very delicious. The pizza we had is very Italian, meaning super thin and in the right proportion when it comes to the toppings. A true Italian original pizza. Super-delicious!

When it comes to the owner of this traditional Italian restaurant I want to mention, that Marco Urbano, an Italian native from Apulia, is a Pizzaiolo (Pizza Chef) meaning, Mr. Urbano was trained at and certified from the famous Accademia della Pizza in Italy, an academy for becoming a Pizza Chef. The whole staff is from Italy, some from Napoli (Naples) and most from Apulia.

We had the delicious Pizza Napoli (with anchovies and capers) and the Pizza Milano (with mild salami). The restaurant provides also true Italian wine. We had apple juice 🙂

The ambience of the whole restaurant is nice, stylish and the interior very Italian. Enjoy the enlarged photos in the slide show below:

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The Bottom Line: If you want to experience a true Italian restaurant with delicious specialities and products from Italy, ranging from fish via pizza to pasta, the La Corte located in the Packerstrasse 261 in 8501 Schadendorf-Lieboch, a Graz suburb, is a perfect place to experience just that. This place is run by the awarded and certified Pizza Chef Marco Urbano, an Italian native from Apulia living in a suburb of Graz. By the way they also own and run another La Corte in Voitsberg main square, another Graz suburb in the West of Graz.

With Love!

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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