Area 5

The Area 5 is a great place to be, if you want to get on top of Graz, on the rooftop to be specific. It’s an ideal refuge, if your feel the itch to get out of the city and staying in the city center at the same time.


The Area 5 has plenty to offer: The food here is excellent and very reasonable, since it is a classic students hotspot. What makes the Area 5 special is their concept which is ultra-convenient. They call it the Bausatzsystem (building kit system) in which you choose for your meal the toppings you like in checking the boxes on the menu.


And the lists are plenty and long. This you do with all they offer and they offer a lot: it ranges from all kinds of breakfasts, burgers, spaetzle-pans, toasts, grilled meat plates, noodles, to salads, and the best of it you can choose almost every ingredient/topping yourself, and the toppings are about 30 to choose from. So your stay in control of your food.


Life is a building kit system, as the tag line goes 🙂

They also offer an extra sheet of cocktails to choose from according the same Bausatzsystem.

The panorama view over Graz is marvelous and you get up close to the old town in a way you cannot have when you are on the streets of the old town. Here is a view on the Grazer Schlossberg (Graz Castle Hill):


The Area 5 is also ideal for the evening hours, as the Area 5 has marvelous opening hours, closing not before 2 am everyday, and serving food until 1 am.


The staff is very friendly and helpful, mostly students themselves as many of the guests.

I got my bacon and eggs with fresh onions and Greek feta cheese. Have a look:


The Bottom Line: The Area 5, located in Jakominiplatz 12, in 8010 Graz, is one of many students diners all across the city, all working with the same Bausatzsystem, I described above, serving good food and cocktails, you can build yourself from a long list of toppings, you choose/check your favorites from. All comes with good quality and for reasonable prices. A superb panorama 360º degree panorama view over the city, located right in the old town of Graz completes the impression.

With Love!

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

alias I.G. Fruhmann

Y 8:8; Y 7:14


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