The Tribeka Kaiserfeldgasse – See the Tree in the Room!

The Tribeka in the Kaiserfeldgasse is, despite not being the first of the many Tribeka in Graz, the most stylish one. Its interior is very fancy, as well as the music playing. A real tree resides right in the middle of the main room surrounded by many wooden chairs. There is even a disco-ball turning, projecting spots on the wall. Have a look:


It’s perfectly located, right in the old town of Graz. So it’s easy to reach and from here you get to almost everywhere within a few minutes.

This Tribeka is a good place to be and gave a nice chat with your friends, since the atmosphere is nice and the music is decent and not to loud.


The only thing which needs to be improved is the early closing hour. This Tribeka close at 20:00 (8:00 pm). So be prepared for that.

The prices are reasonable, the staff is very friendly and helpful,  and in starbucks style it is offered good coffee, croissants, sandwiches, cakes, tarts.
And all kinds of fruity juices you also get here. Such as this tasty apple juice:


The Bottom Line: This Tribeka in the Kaiserfeldgasse 6, in 8010 Graz, is a great place to spend an hour or two with good coffee and  food, decent music in cool hipster, bobo, and nowadays also  yuccie atmosphere, ideal for having good talks with your friends.

With Love!

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

alias I.G. Fruhmann

Y 8:8; Y 7:14


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