Café Rosenhain – Staying On Top of the City

Here at Café Rosenhain you really live the good life. At a great panorama outside as well as from the inside for all year long and especially great for soaking up the sun during cold winter days. The view from Café Rosenhain onto the Graz skyline is simply gorgeous! In terms of the angle this view is the best you can get, this much I can tell you as Grazer coming from the Rosenhain neighborhood.

C by Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

At decent music in the background ideal for good talks you enjoy your coffee while having a break from “little-big” city life, as I want to put, given the size of Graz.

C by Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

Here at Café Rosenhain you sit comfortable in nice ambience what invites you to spend an hour or two reading news papers or whatever your are up to in this sunny pavilion on the top of Graz.

© by Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

© by Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

The Café Rosenhain is easy to reach, by car within 10 minutes from the city center and by foot within 30 minutes. It’s also reachable partly by bus and then within a short walk up the hill, the Rosenberg, an affluent area of Graz with many villas and again the marvelous panorama. For the same reason the Café Rosenhain is located in the Panoramagasse by the way. Below you get an idea of the panorama with the Castle Hill of Graz on the right side.

© by Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

As for the menu, what the Café Rosenhain offers ranges from breakfast, burgers, toasts, bruscettas, to desserts and ice cream.

The opening hours are decent (09:00-22:00 everyday), the staff is friendly and ready to help you and here at Café Rosenhain they even have a variety of special dog menus, served for the man’s best friend, since there is a field for dog-walking close by.

© by Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

An impression of the delicious coffee you get below:

© by Dr. Dr. Immanuel FruhmannWhen it comes down to the technicalities, here at Café Rosenhain you do have free WiFi, but no plugs for your devices.

The Bottom Line: Here at Café Rosenhain, located in the Panoramagasse 77, in 8010 Graz, you really can enjoy your time in Graz. Located just outside of the university quarter on top of the Rosenberg, at Café Rosenhain you either take place inside a nice and cosy pavilion or in the patio, whatever you decide for, plenty of sunshine awaits you surrounded by many trees.

With Love!

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

alias I.G. Fruhmann

Y 8:8; Y 7:14


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